Failed to get mod list

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  • 9 Mar

I don't play mord a lot, atleast as i used to, but now there is this annoying bug, that whenever i try to play on a non official server the game just give me a "Failed to get mod list" then procceds to block me from clicking on 'ok' and i need to close the game and re-open, i've tried removing mod folder and verifying the integrity of the game but none seems to work
If there's any solution pls help

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For "Failed to get mod list" issue,try:
Remove folder: /.modio/cache (you can keep your downloaded mods and config files)
Remove the whole folder: /.modio

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Verify game files after deleting modio to redownload a clean folder.

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  • 3 Jun

none of these "fixes" work now..

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  • 10 Jun

ok after hours of trying to fix this i got it, instead of deleting the modio folder, delete the paks folder (same place) and then verify your game, there will be a downloads witch takes awhile, but it worked for me

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Hey Sterfin - I tried your fix and i'm still getting exactly the same issue when i'm trying to join modded horde servers..

Any other ideas?

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I have this same problem, none of the fixes in this thread worked for me though.

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  • 2 Jul

None of these fixes work, please help.

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  • 30 Jul

You have to reinstall the game,coudnt find any way to fix it. Reinstalled and its fine now.