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My Personalized Characters revert to default state

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i haven't play Mordhau for 2-3 weeks all my characters still fine. then i decided to play it today (no update or whatsoever) but my characters were revert to default state like fresh character. What happened?

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@FwheeSheepin said:
What happened?

The fire nation attacked.

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When an unsuccessful data synchronization occurs by accident,it might wipe out your character settings because your data is lost.
It once happened to me months ago,so remember not to end Steam so fast when you quit Mordhau.

If you want your characters back,maybe you can contact with Jax or someone and leave you steamID.

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Worth checking out. Shows you how you can save your character load outs and import other player load outs. Characters are saved client side not server side. The only thing server side is whether you have gold, levels required to own a certain item, and whether you unlocked a certain item.