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Some sort of invisibility glitch is rising up fast lately

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  • 24 Feb

I read that more frequently in the game chat lately, that players seems to be invisible to other players.
I've not yet encountered the problem by myself, but was waiting for any recorded evidence to report it & here it is..

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I had this happen to me a few nights ago. Some guy said "Why are you invisible?" after I killed him.

Even though it was obviously a random glitch I was so overcome with guilt I gave him a $50 Red Lobster™ gift card.

Speaking of which have you all tried our new and improved garlic butter dipping sauce? It pairs perfectly with our piping hot Cheddar Bay Biscuits™

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As I know,building a ballista with toolbox will sometimes make this happen.

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  • 1 Mar

@CabbageMan828 said:
As I know,building a ballista with toolbox...



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  • 1 Mar

Can confirm this. Saw it twice when a builder was bulding something (mounted bal... crossbow as well as firepot). I guess it has to do with the buggy placement, when you try to build something on that tiny piece of "green" surface and it commes out all crooked.