Move kick somewhere else, make a pommel strike/offhand punch attack.

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  • 20 Feb

The kick in its current state is a bit more flexible with its jump-approach, but it's still usually a disproportionately punishable, slow attack that makes misjudging distance a huge risk. To recap the kick's benefits and drawbacks:

  • Ends a held-up shield block.
  • Provides a potentially fast surprise-hit at very close-quarters: ideal counter to use if using a large weapon and in a corner, or need to repel a close-ranged weapon.
  • High knockback, ideal for forcing people off ledges
  • Extendable range via jumping
  • Ragdolls people instantly if you use it from behind a door (sometimes. weird game engine jank, honestly not usually a fan of this.)
  • Drain's enemy stamina on hit.

  • Use case to use as a counter against a held block is extremely narrow, because who even uses held blocks nowadays

  • Kick is still parry-able via normal means, which sort of loses sight of the original intent of the kick?
  • Time it takes to morph or feint into a kick never seems consistent. A plain kick comes out very fast from neutral, but is incredibly slow if transitioned?
  • Extremely low range when used on ground since you cannot move, and it also mysteriously cancels out your aerial inertia which is really counter-intuitive.
  • Extremely high stamina cost when combined with jump, and misses (1/5 of total, combined with potential extra costs of a morph lead-in.)

At the same time though I don't think the kick should necessarily be removed. If anything it needs some buffs, but the number of benefits it can gain that could round out its performance are limited mostly by pragmatic reasons (ex: footwork is disabled and needs to be disabled because how can you kick and walk at the same time). For now it can be left as-is, used for its narrow shield-based/door-based use cases, and bound to another key.

small arbitrary thought: perhaps it can be used to immediately one-shot a pavise; help mitigate the impact of people building 20-shield barricades out of them? Of course alternatively the simpler solution probably would be just to make people only able to put up to like 4-5 pavsies up at once instead of infinite ones.

The suggestion: Pommel Strike

The idea here is to introduce a more applicable close-ranged fighting technique. The traits of such an attack would include:

  • A low-damage blunt attack.
  • Flinches, is precise (allowing it to bypass a parry or drain significant stamina on a parry), and can force a shield lower.
  • Since it doesn't use the legs, the user can still maneuver while using the attack.
  • Can easily morph into this attack from a strike.
  • Slower morphing from a thrust.
  • Constant-speed, quick morph on single-handed weapons or when using a shield (uses an off-hand punch or shield bash for this technique)
  • Absolutely no comboing or feinting on this maneuver.
  • If chambering or clashing this attack immediately loses and the pommel-striker just gets hit. (disclaimer below...)
  • Basically has 0 knockback compared to the kick (essentially why the kick would still need to exist).
    As for the trait of chambering on this attack, this might be negotiable, as most late-medieval combat is also characterized by grappling in combat - what if, against blunt weapons (such as mordhau-ed longswords), the maneuver might be able to initiate a grab of the enemy's weapon if chambered and executes the pommel bash from there? In this way the attack could be usable as a close-ranged or stunning positioning tool - similar to most fighting game grapples, it could place the enemy in a set position from the user after it's completed.