Backstab mechanic (dagger)

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In the current state of the game, the best dagger for backstabbing people is a 7 point maul.
I was thinking about an "assassin move", backstab or throat cut animation that can be utilized with daggers. (and maybe other small weapons like short sword)
Upon thinking about this I instantly worried about balance problems that it brings. I'll get into it and adress those as good as I can.
The idea is an animation that grabs someone from behind and sticks a blade in their throats, beneath the helmet.
For the duration of the animation, the character needs to be frozen in place. There should be also a possibility to counter it, it should take like 1- 2 seconds to grab a person to prepare the move. Also if the person turns around in that time and performs a kick, backstab cannot be performed and it leaves the backstabber without the ability to block for a short duration. When the grabbing movement is initiated, the grabbed player's is frozen so if he tries moving he'll figure. If he's standing still or walking back, and not turning, there's no way he'll find out.

It could be utilised to kill unaware archers or builders, but also knights if all they do is stand still in a doorway.

I have no Idea why we really need this, other than giving the dagger more flavour and custom functionality like billhook.

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  • 16 Feb

clears throat, adjusts bowtie, dusts hands, stares directly into your eyes, pulls down pants


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You might be wasting your time.

PC recently informed the devs of the inferiority of their product and then biked away into a cold and efficient german sunset.

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I came back, because on the way out I stepped on some stupid hamster and wanted to wipe my shoes on YOUR doormat before I go.
I'll still haunt the forums every now and then for shitposting purposes but I'm not touching this trainwreck of a game anytime soon.

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Sounds like it could be fun if implemented well. I mean it's Triternion so it's probably gonna make every single attack an execution until they fix it three months later.

But it could be fun.

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  • 18 Feb

The biggest problem with this suggestion is how it can be exploited. All you will have to do during duels is managing to get behind your opponent and you get a one-shot kill with a 1-point weapon. And that's my second issue with this suggestion : you want to give a 1-point weapon an instakill no matter the armor level.

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  • 18 Feb

Backstab mechanic... hell no. No need for more onehit nonsense. We already have way too much of that crap.

But a different hold/grip mode for the dagger would be nice. Maybe with slower attacks that deal more damage.