let's make a peasant only server

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I know probably a lot of people are trying to do this or have tried to do it in the past. I've also tried it but failed. A server where players spawn with the peasant perk and have access to only the peasant weapons (maybe the sledge hammer and the scythe would be banned cuz they would be OP) Since I haven't see a server like this anywhere I assume it's pretty hard to do it but I've seen mods where ppl spawn with different weapons so it's also possible to have a server where people spawn with only peasant weapons or spawn with the peasant perk as default. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions lets hear them. I think a lot of people would love to play a server like this.

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  • 9 Feb

And as an objective, you have to capture horses, because horsepoop would be the only long range weapon.

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You forgot the rock. Peasant server would be much fun, and you're making it really hard for me not to refer to one of my older topics.