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Glitch on Grad with red commander being kicked to river and dying upon spawn

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a glitch has been exploited tremendously where players from the blue team go to red spawn and kick the red commander in the lake making him unable to get back to the designated zone in 5 seconds and therefore dying. At this point i doubt the devs would even see this thread let alone fix it but i guy can dream. either make the red commander walk around like the blue ones do or make him unmovable by kicks until a person is spawned as him. very simple problem with several very simple solutions if someone tries to fix them.

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Why is the commander circle so small anyways?

Someone threw smoke and I couldn't tell I was even out of bounds and certainly couldn't find my way back in time.

I feel like there should be tents and campfires or something there, too. Make it feel more like a camp. Blue also gets too much time to complete the objective, but I think the devs know that already.

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Gonna bump this cause it breaks the mode when this happens. it's not even a hard stage for blue to win yet they can completely skip it.