Servers are horrible

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  • 8 Feb

Hi, new player here. I live in Frankfurt and get a ping of 80 at the frankfurt server, while I can play every other game withouta ping nearly as high. Strasbourg has a 100 and thats feels unplayable. I dont have any issues with any other game, but this is such a turn off for me, since I only can play on privat servers right now. Is there any planning on fixing this issue?

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80 is acceptable at the official server so far,and the private server always performs better.
Mordhau is a good game however the devs made too little progress in servers&bugs.

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  • 12 Feb

it felt like half of the community was already complaing since months about that,
even after their server changes, there was literally zero change
and i dont expect this will change anytime soon if i just remember how long the hitboxes are broken (since the whole balance-shitshow started..)