Only allow swing-through on Riposte

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  • 6 Feb

Swing-through has been here for a while now and it's a pretty controversial change. Some love it, some hate it. Both sides also have good arguments.

For the pro swing-through :

  • Your attacks aren't blocked by teammates moving in the way. You are not punished for what is basically your teammates' mistake.
  • Anyone wanting to run-in a group of enemies and "helicopter around" with a long weapon will die in seconds. Before, he couldn't be properly stopped due to hit stop and many would survive despite overwhelming odds (like 1v7 or more scenarios).
  • Attacks that you predicted when you are in 1vX don't get stopped. Which means you won't get punished for timing a parry of an attack that was supposed to hit you.

For the pro hitstop :

  • Teamfight skills has been extremely dumbed-down. What's the point of avoiding hitting teammates when you can simply hit through them ? Even if you lose points for friendly damage, Friendly is a thing and even without it kills rewards more points than teamkills.
  • Hitting teammates to hide your attacks has become a viable option. Grab a long weapon that can swing-through and go ham behind the protection of your team.
  • 1vX has become much harder due to the impossibly to parry attacks that you simply cannot see, due to enemies hiding each other.

Due to the skill reduction alone, I am more for the return of hitstop. But you can agree that the pro swing-through have good arguments too. Being punished by teammates, helicopter players and skill being punished in 1vX were big problems with hitstop. For this, I have a suggestion :

Only allow swing-through when you do a riposte.

Why riposte :

  • It requires, at least, a minimum of skill. Instead of giving swing-through for free, you at least have something to do to allow your mistake of hitting a teammate, or your teammate's mistake of bad positioning, to be reduced.
  • It's something that always go all the way. When someone riposte, you know he cannot feint or morph it. It cannot be interrupted and you can always predict one of these coming.
  • It would encourage more defensive plays against helicopter players. Not only the riposting player will protect his teammates, but also allow him to deal with that player.

In short : it would address the points of the pro swing-through while keeping the key points of hitstop in place.

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i would certainly prefer that to the current hitstop.

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If the devs are up for more experimental changes, that sounds like something that could be tested, doesn't sound as bad as what we currently have.

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Only problem I have with that is that ripostes are already very special in every regard. The more you add to ripostes the more the game becomes incoherent.

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  • 7 Feb

@SWSeriousMike said:
Only problem I have with that is that ripostes are already very special in every regard. The more you add to ripostes the more the game becomes incoherent.

I do have to agree with that. I also wanted to suggest chambers to be allowed to swing-through if not feinted/morphed, as I do myself use chambers a lot during Xv1, but chambers aren't as predictable as ripostes.

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I like the Idea of a compromise for the swing-through feature.
Maybe just swing through 1 person and reduce damage 50% on the second?

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  • 10 Feb
 Jax — Community Manager

not a bad idea

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  • 14 Feb

There are two problems with team hits in Mordhau:
1) Strike tracers start at the very edge of your FOV, meaning you can team hit someone you didn't even see, either by walking backwards, or having a person run up beside you.
2) Team hits are not punished enough to incentivise avoiding them.

Hit stop addresses number 2, but also makes number 1 even worse. This is further compounded by footwork having a greater impact on tracers than swing manipulation. In other words, footwork is faster than dragging when it comes to swing manipulation. This can make it so even if you drag a swing away from an ally, they can just as easily footwork back into the path of the swing.

I doubt FOV/tracers/footwork will ever undergo any sort of radical changes, but if hitstop returns and these things stay the same, team fights will always feel clumsy.

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In Chivalry hit tracers could start behind the character and people still managed to avoid team attacks. It certainly isn't impossible to keep friendly fire low. The majority of players just doesn't even try.