-=GG=- Clan recruiting! (Engineers only)

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here's an introduction to my new clan. We're 1 people and expanding quickly.

We can use my Grandma's Teamspeak server. I don't know how to use the new discord thing yet.

PM me if you want to join I'll send my steam.

Anyone who's either butthurt, hates everyone or just wants to see the world burn.

I did some thinking just now, and I came up with a strategy to block red spawn in mountain peak. Just wall off the towers and spawns from inside. Multiple layers of builders will prevent red from getting out of their spawn and blues can finish objective so it's -=GG=- and nobody gets hurt. Could also expand out map pool to camp. (Blue team)

GG is short for Griefing Gaylords. This is in no way an offense to homosexuals, rather a tribute to the amazing Mitch Gaylord gently sliding around the pole in Gymnastics. It's representative of the brain gymnastics necessary to understand this kind of humor.

@esturias said:
One very important thing about using sarcasm is that you should always make sure that people can spot it as sarcasm.

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Don't forget to link to your clan's hastily built free Wordpress site, complete with a dead forum that - despite only having one member - already goes into full detail about the different moderator permissions.