Add new wepun plox (forbidden memes)

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FUCK realism. Look at this sword:


Cool huh?

Also check this sword out it's shiny in different Colors.

anime sword.jpg

I don't know what the fuck this is supposed to be but I want it.


This is the green turtle shell. It can bump from walls and can hit karts in front of you:


This is the red turtle shell. It has VATS. OP.


This is a Creeper. Insh'allah. Best PVE Person 10/10.

This is a Headcrab. It would fit well into the game historically and also Half life.

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  • 29 Jan

That already was nonsense in the other thread, no need to spam it here again...

Also no idea how those are memes. Those are random pictures. And you didn't even show a gunblade. Cretin!