what r u r toughts on corona virus ? ? ?

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wat do u think of it ?

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  • 25 Jan

A Thanos-like superscientist should take it and modify it so that it makes dumb and asocial people infertile. And those who already have three children.
And it should turn people's snot pink or turquoise. Just for fun. Oh... and fluorescence! Don't forget fluorescence!

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  • 25 Jan

I heard it transforms you into a chinese, by shrinking your peepee and making it 7 times more effective

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  • 26 Jan

I hope it doesn't become a pandemic

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  • 26 Jan

Build the wall

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It's made in China so probably won't last long

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Viruses are just a hoax invented by big pharma to keep mankind small.

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  • 29 Jan

It may become a serious issue in China, like, it could spur a few thousand deaths at this point.

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Don't underestimate the sucker. Now's a good time to buy hand sanitizer. Use it when you come home from the bus or tram.

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  • 29 Jan

That's something you should do whenever there is a bigger snotwave around. At least if you have lots of contact with other people.
One reason why I'm glad to live far away from the bigger cities.
Still got an annoying cold, though...

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is v spoopy, China is nuts, they probably released it on their own people

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  • 5 Feb

WTF guys coronavirus just flew over my house!!

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  • 5 Feb

This Map looks like.. Plague Inc.

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  • 6 Feb

just wanna wear a gas mask, maybe survive an apocalypse, maybe kill someone

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I hope it goes away :(