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no UI Markers

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  • 23 Jan

After patch #16 I can no longer enable UI markers.
"H" is bounded to "ToggleUIMarkers".
"H" IS NOT binded to anything else.
I reset the keybinds to default, to classic, to hybrid multiple times.
I do not use any keyboard alterning / rebinding software.
"H" unbinded from "ToggleUIMArkers" and binded to "Holster" - holstering works.
Other free keys binded to "ToggleUIMArkers" still does not work

Knight 91 115
  • 23 Jan

I get this problem too, my only advice is that you can type m.FriendlyMarkers 1 in the console to enable friendly markers and m.FriendlyMarkers 0 if you want to disable them

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yeah i noticed i have that problem too, today