Another shield idea - shield bash, shield unarmed and also improved kicking

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  • 14 Jan

Why I'm mixing shield bash idea with kicking - because they would have lots in common - special attack that deals low dmg but is meant to stagger/surprise opponent.

Shield bash - skill that would perhaps available with a perk - performs very short reach shield bash that is better than a kick.

Also here we come at another idea - introduce perk like 'kick master', which would improve kicking. For example add more dmg when doing jump kick, make jump kick having longer range, e.g. when you press kick when being at peak of a jump you will do eastern style kick that has a bit longer range. When doing stationary kick, simply longer stagger time.

Shield unarmed. Currently you cannot play shield + unarmed (no weapon in right hand). Please make it possible. In combination with brawler perk and shield bash that would be very interesting.

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No offense but let's pretend you developed a game and someone provided feedback like "add sword master perk that makes swords better". How would you treat this feedback?