portuguese translation is horrible

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  • 14 Jan

i could fix this crap in like 1h

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Ah filho da puta agora sim entendo!

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@newfig said:
i could fix this crap in like 1h

Then do it.

That has been pinned in General Discussion since April 2019. Just because a language is not explicitly listed does not mean they would turn down voluntary translation. Put your money where your bilingual mouth is.

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The topic you linked has been closed forever.

German translation is pretty bad too and I don't even want it. The majority of my game is in English and always has been, now I got google translate just on the ladders and rock baskets and on a few other interactions. I'd like the whole game in English please. Here's what I would use instead as translation:

Ladders: "Umwerfen" , "Umkippen" (knock / push over) or "Leiter fallen lassen" (let the ladder fall :> ) instead of the current "Senken", which is 100% a lazy google translate result for "drop / lowering" mostly used in economics and statistics. You wouldn't use "Senken" in that context. Decreasing a ladder sounds wrong.
Rock Baskets: "Ausleeren" (empty), "Ausschütten" OR "Umschütten" (pour, spill), "Herunterwerfen" (throw down). Currently it's just "Schütten" with no prefix, I rarely see that going without a prefix I think "dump" is an accurate translation. I'm farily certain that the Prefix "aus" doesn't do it any harm, unless you're sweating. (German joke ha ha)