A dark meta has emerged

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So thanks to being able to swing through teammates I figured out you can do this629760_screenshots_20200112192739_1.jpgjust wait until a teammate is attacking an enemy then swing through your teammate to hit the enemy or hell even just flail into group fights and youll net loads of easy kills and there's really nothing any one can do to stop you

you really don't even need to worry about team damage at all working with your team in a fight is far more difficult than just swinging through them629760_screenshots_20200112192415_1.jpggranted I got about 20-30 kills as noble but I was able to get 70-80 some kills just by doing this method I didn't even feint or morph for almost any of these just lmb spam while they were fighting my team

I really don't like this change makes 1vX super easy / hard to fight if you / they are willing to swing through a teammate

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Pretty sure they aren’t going to let it last as it promotes team damage/tk, so I wouldn’t rely on it too much.

Still, an evil idea right there man.

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  • 13 Jan

@✵ Legate Lanius ✵ said:
Still, an evil idea right there man.

The same happens without those evil thoughts in mind.
It's a bad idea. Obviously.

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I think the only thing that balances this out a bit is the automated kick after 5 team kills. The change is still a very questionable idea just like team ripostes granting hyper armor was.

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Rather silly to have such a thing balanced around autokicks...

Even if it's nice to see less people running in gun-blazing and killing 2-3 guys before he goes down when in 1vTooMany scenarios, the bad chaos of teamfights isn't worth the change.

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ya the auto kick after 5 kills never once was an issue with friendly if you hit a teammate in the head with exc sword you'll only do like 30dmg so the only time you need to think about your team is if they're bloody other than that you can just flail around and you'll barley hurt you team even if you hit them 2-3 times

id really like to point out that this same 100 kill match I only ended up killing 2 teammates despite swinging into them the entire round never once even worrying about if I hit them or not nor did I get so much as one complaint from my teammates that I was hitting

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Using your brothers as human shields... damn ! That’s so disgusting I’ll give it a shot 😁