Ranked matchmaking suggestion

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  • 11 Jan

The reason why i create this post is - ranked matchmaking system is not popular and enjoyable

In current patch(16) the ranked play feel's smoother, that's good, thanks. But one of the core problems(big time spent searching an opponent) still ruins all good what people find in the ranked.

For now I suggest you to add the ability to play on the other non-ranked servers in non-ranked modes for people who search ranked match. I know that this is not the best solution yet still, it will solve the problem it's own specific way and is a much better option to have compared to what exists in a current Mordhau.

I see the changes like this: player joins any non-ranked server, then goes to matchmaking ranked menu and presses "Search"(is able to) which starts the search of the opponent. When the search ends, the player is able to accept or dicline the match, if the player declines - he recieves a block in ranked search for 10-15 etc. mins. If the player accepts, game forces him to join the ranked server where ranked match beginns and after which he will be automatically returned to a pub server(or asked if the player whats to).

As alternative i suggest you to make a "queue" ffa mode servers for lets say 32-48 people with same tickrate and settings as in ranked server where people are able to play until the ranked match starts.

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  • 12 Jan

Yes it would be great to be able to play while queuing for ranked matches, part of the reason that ranked is so sparsely populated is because you can just go on a duel server for a similar experience with no downtime.

Like you said, a separate mode/server might be needed for people queuing, otherwise players would keep randomly joining/leaving (and if slots are reserved while in a ranked match, then this could severely reduce the player count in the server, with nobody allowed to take up the reserved slots)