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Flinch don't work sometimes

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  • 11 Jan

Hi just a question : did the Flinch mechanic have been reworked recently ? Because i'm pretty sure that sometimes it doesn't work. It's hard to tell with fast weapons but it's more visible when you use the slow as the maul. The target don't counter or chamber, he do simply a strike, i manage to touch him before the release of his strike but it continue his animation like if i do nothing. It happens rarely before patch 16 but now it's like flinch don't work 1/10 times.

I really wish to bring a video to demonstrate the problem but each time i start Shadow Play my game is unplayable with the downfall of my FPS (another problem unique in this game). If someone can bring a good footage i'll be thankful. See you later.

Duke 5558 13284
  • 11 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

if they riposte they don't get flinched.

13 3
  • 12 Jan

I was thinking the same at first, Jax, but in my case in my previous post my opponent don't insta-counter my attack shortly before mine (a counter-strike like i say) in a 1v1 fight.

I've attempted a new strike 5 seconds later (to regain my stamina first), i hit him during his anim but don't stop his own strike and hit me (and kill me aswell because my light armor + maul = no bueno). It's like he was "storing" my previous strike 5 seconds later but except the new shield i don't know if it's possible with regular weapons ... If it's real Mea Culpa !
I know you change some features on my Bastard Sword but in my memory Bastard Sword's thrust (one handed mode) can still flinch, right ?

I know it's hard to believe without footage and i'm terribly sorry for that. Like i said on another topic i want to help with my own experience to make this game better, not to play the regular whiner "b3caus3 I've gOt kill3d by a nOOb maul3r bOuhOuhOu " especially on this forum . You have already a plenty of people who are like that and i'm too old to react like a kiddo. I just want to have fun in your game and keep it like that, no more.

Off topic : Thanks for your answer Jax !