Crash upon startup

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  • 10 Jan

Game crashes upon startup, cannot play anymore whatsoever. Cannot send a bug-report because the button remains greyed out even if I type in stuff into the description text-area.

Updated the drivers, reinstalled the game, removed %APPDATA%/local/Mordhau, checked File Integrity.

Game has been working for 60 hours last year, haven't played in quite some time and wanted to come back. Now it crashes.

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Quote from another thread:

@PC_Principal said:
Give more info about:

  • your hardware
  • windows version
  • directx and video driver
  • do you overclock? if yes, are you using any overclocking software?
  • are you using mods?

Also make sure to:

  • uninstall mods (if you habe none installed, delete the "modio" folder in "Mordhau/mordhau/plugins" and verify files after)
  • close CCCleaner if you use that
  • start steam as admin
  • try windowed and borderless windowed mode and see if you can change resolution or other settings ingame
  • also try furiously hitting alt + tab before the game crash or press f11
  • see if you can find anything useful in an older thread with a similar issue
  • try installing microsoft visual studio 2015 (morhau has folders for it, seems to be using it, might not be able to install correctly)
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  • Win 10 64-Bit
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • 16GB RAM
  • Radeon RX 580

I am not quite sure what you want from directx, but in any case as was stated perviously I use the most recent AMD drivers. I do not overclock, I do not use any mods. CCleaner is not running, I started it as administrator. Running windowed/borderless is not applicable here because I cannot start the game whatsoever. I also cannot furiously hit alt+tab because the game won't start and I won't install a full-fledged IDE just for Mordhau.

I would appreciate some help or a response from a Dev. Problem persists until after the recent patch. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Looking again at the link provided in your quote, I would like to add that this is not the same issue. The game does NOT launch for a couple of seconds, i.e. crashes during loading, but immediately upon execution. No time passes until the crash happens.

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Help from a dev is hard to get, I feel like they want us to go in first and rule out the usual suspects.
Plus most responses you get are from volunteer moderators. At least now they know a little more.
Can you copy & paste the crash / bug report here? Also contents from "Manifest_DebugFiles_Win64.txt"