network checksum mismatch

8 30
  • 7 Jan


Trying to join a modded server, i get this network checksum mismatch error, anyone know how to help?

Knight 91 115
  • 7 Jan

Try uninstalling any mods that this server uses, I had this issue before and it seemed like my version of a particular mod was outdated and it wouldn't download the new one until I uninstalled it. Once I uninstalled the mod it worked fine.

Mercenary 38 13
  • 9 Jan

My server has a custom map from and it was updated. Since then, some players had this issue so I told them to quit the mordhau, manually download mod from and replace with it. This seemed to work. Very annoying issue. I can't tell everyone the solution.

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  • 10 Jan

I am now having a similar issue with the Duke of York Feitoria RP server and I can't for the life of me figure out how to reinstall a map or whatever mods they're using. I can't find them.

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  • 10 Jan

From what I've seen the network checksum mismatch errors on modded servers are generally transient - trying a couple times seems to get most people in, and if that doesn't then the deletion of the .modio folder in the mordhau installation directory (forced redownload) seems to fix it

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  • 11 Jan

So I did that and it SORTA worked, but now I'm stuck at 'Preparing to Download Mods' and I can't tell if it's doing anything. It doesn't seem to be if the modlist is any indication. Does it automatically redownload the other maps first or is something going wrong?

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  • 19 Jan

Hey @riolux

Check our discord (#manual-Download) channel to fix this issue, modio is not updating the mods for you.