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Banned from matchmaking for 1 minute?

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Hi, I'm having this weird problem.
From one day to the next, for the last few days when I try to play from matchmaking, I am receiving a message that says "You have been temprarily banned from matchmaking for 1 minute".
It's weird because I didn't have any attitude that deserves to get banned.
If I want to join an official server from the list, the message is even worse since it says "Temporarily banned for 5512 minutes". I don't know what might be happening, I already tried to delete all the mods downloaded from unofficial servers, but nothing seems to solve the problem. Could you please help me or at least give me some explanation of what's going on?

Thank you


Knight 321 611
  • 6 Jan

You have been temporarily banned for griefing. Behave.

Knight 321 611
  • 6 Jan

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