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uhhhh, idk if this is cheating or a animation glitch

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  • 5 Jan

I was in a duel server and I ran across a guy with really weird longsword and rapier animations, so I decided to spectate him and I cant tell if its just a glitch or if he is cheating.

2 5
  • 5 Jan

i have been seeing people like this pop up and i think its some cheat or something cause one guy i was in a ranked match with just told me to spam keys

Emperor 400 927

I think it's some sort of bug, I've had it happen to me about 3 or 4 times over the past few months, I just put it down to lag or maybe my weapons hitting someone throwing an attack behind/near me and I'm somehow getting a clash off it (probably unlikely) and didn't think much of it.

It's like he's getting a clash, off the opponent's parry. The same thing happened to me.

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  • 6 Jan

That's what I'm hoping but he was basiclly machinegun stabbing with a rapier off of whifs

Knight 25 36

I will investigate this. Thank you for the report.

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  • 7 Jan

the second video looks like some weird cheat

8 3

Feinting a riposte. Dead giveaway.

874 375

it's weird in the 1st video at 0:11 he quickly blocks twice.