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"VAC Check timed out"

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  • 26 Dec '19

Anyone else getting this? ill load up the game fine, join a match, then about 10 seconds in i get kicked and it says "VAC check timed out"
I've tried MANY solutions that didn't work.

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  • 27 Dec '19

Ya getting this again too!

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  • 28 Dec '19

How can i fix this? I can´t play this game...

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  • 16 Jan

still getting this too, please fix!

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same here
restarted pc
started steam as admin
repaired gamefiles
checked on SteamService.dll (its there)
repaired steamservice
all no effect still getting kicked

ps. just to say no I have no VAC ban =P

Duke 5558 13284
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  • 20 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager

Check the discord - we have a fix posted there relating to a missing/corrupted .dll file with an alternate download!

If this doesn't help, please let us know and we can look into it.