Ranked data api?

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  • 8 Dec '19

Just wondering if its possible to get access to some ranked data? It would be nice to set up a thirdparty system like for League of legends, where we can see winratios, and ranked ladder ect..

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  • 30 Dec '19

+1 ! Would love this :D

I mean any kind of data API would be amazing - I want something that can hook into custom servers or subscribe to events such as kills, deaths, wins, losses, map changes, etc .. Right now the only information that I can really get from a server is player joins, leaves, ban events (which are actually sort of useful, because I can keep a database of ban events for the duel server I help run, which is helpful for moderators)

The moment that any of this kind of data becomes easily accessible I am going to make some leaderboards / historical rankings and such for at least duel servers :>

I made a somewhat similar request here awhile back:

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  • 30 Dec '19

This should be in Feedback & Suggestions, maybe a dev will spot it.

API is needed for requesting

  • general player data (winratios, rank... as suggested by recurf)
  • server specific player data (game mode, kills, deaths, team damage... as suggested by Spots)

The latter would be an API provided by each game server whereas the former is an API provided by whatever backend server Triternion is using to store the ranked data.

To protect the backend against DDoS, Triternion could issue API keys (like Steam does) for registered users to limit the requests per key.

If the game server API allows to issue commands in addition to querying data, RCon tools can be developed as requested here (one among many):

Would be nice to know if any API is on the roadmap.

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  • 10 Jan

I've been seeing a bunch of new PlayFabAPI calls that the servers are making, which seems like a very good thing :> Based on the data that looks like they're collecting, the devs may be working on their own integrated leaderboards? Things like this are especially helpful :

# Map of steamID to PlayfabID (actual IDs obfuscated)
[2020.01.09-17.53.21:950][612]LogPlayFabAPI: Verbose: GetPlayFabIDFromSteamID completed (bWasSuccessful: 1, SteamID: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx, PlayerID: 105889xxxxxxxxx)

# Example log line from a post-game score tally
[2020.01.09-17.55.08:821][432]LogMordhauInventory: Verbose: TriggerRewardDrop: 5137C083xxxxxx gets 665 Gold and 495 XP (Playtime: 1800.000000, Placement: 0 Score: 800.000000)

These are both fairly new, and with them I should be able to make some real basic weekly running leaderboards for the duel server :> Wish I had more granular information though like actual k/d, weapon usage, and such

But devs some federated access to that playfab data storage backend would be very nice x3

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  • 19 Jan

Devs? :> Friends? :> Any feelings on this?

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  • 19 Jan

Yea leaderboards are confirmed and are almost done.

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  • 22 Jan

will this come with the elusive scoreboard scrolling feature?

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  • 23 Jan

Hopefully. It wouldnt feel right if you could actually scroll.