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  • 2 Dec '19

It's really nice that we can joust in some maps, alltho for the reason that there is no other game out there with this possibility,or i am not aware of, MY suggestion is a ranked model for jousting, new loadout just for this, progression on the lance weapon and armours. even tournament on this. Well thats my likes tho. lets see what the rest of the ppl think about it. and then what devs can bring on this.Medieval-Jousting-Tournaments.jpg

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  • 2 Dec '19

That would require dedicated physics and mechanics, otherwise it would be silly and boring.

That said - hell no. Enough other stuff on the agenda.
But the idea itself isn't bad. Keep it in your head a few years, maybe there will be room and time for something like that. Like... maybe in 2025?

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  • 19 Dec '19

Ranked jousting would be pretty sick. There needs to be an old school joust remake.

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  • 20 Dec '19

If it didn't have the instakill to bodies, yea. Esturias has a point, jousting physics aren't good enough yet for that to be fun.
Still I can imagine this to be quite fun, if balanced properly. (Make it a 2 hit, not a one hit and let us push / deflect couched weapons with a well timed parry)

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  • 21 Dec '19

Isn't jousting just a ping contest?