Voice chat?!?!?!

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Okay, so I started playing this game, and I really love this game, but Why no voice chat, like wtf,, when you join these RP servers, you get people doing sign language, and you get kicked for not listening, or when you want to dual people, or when an admin is telling you something but you get banned because don't notice them, like I don't understand why they don't add vc

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because no

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I do agree that some people feel that lack of communication can be an issue but whenever I play any multiplayer game whatsoever I feel it necessary to disable text chat and especially voice chat if given the choice. I may be jaded but I feel as if all conversations nowadays boil down to unoriginals grasping at the nearest trend in a vain attempt for attention and server fame.

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  • 2 Dec

Let me give ya some advice, coming from fighting games................... YOU HATE PPL. You just do, you get sick of buffons who use none sense, broken mechanics, OP weapons, and who will cheat to win.

They run away, they bitch, they Reddit, and they complain incessantly. you wont find decent people- they do not exist in these games.

So no point- devs know this so they dont include it. Neither for honour, B&S, Black Dessert, Bannerlord... none do... WHy? they do not want to push ppl away from the game.

Mordhau is a weird game- if ya can grind it it gets fun. I was loosing 50 death per match. Playing a week now got it down to 20. Add the bugs, the glitches ... they do not need more reason for you to quit.

Want voice chat? wait for a modder to do so, or use Discord on your phone

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  • 2 Dec

Speak for yourself ""cyrus""

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  • 2 Dec

Mor like ‘cryus’ amiright???

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A proximity voice chat could make the game funnier and allow players to actually develop strategies..

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  • 2 Dec

As long as you can turn it off, I couldn't care less. This is the last kind of game I'd be interested in a voicechat for.

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  • 3 Dec

Make it togglable.

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As long as it is off by default. I don't want to suffer the minor inconvenience of having to go to the options to disable it.

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  • 3 Dec

It could be hilarious, and I'd be all for it as long as it had a toggle and some max volume limit (I know this community will deepthroat their mic and bellow a guttural scream)

People already bitch about the shit people type into the chatbox. They're gonna explode once they hear the cancer this community would be capable of transmitting via microphone.

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when you join these RP servers, you get people doing sign language

And by adding voice chat, you will remove the beauty of these RP interactions.

Even if I think people saying "muh immersion" to not add anything to the game are idiots, I have to agree it will ruin the overall experience. Spamming voice commands and emotes is part of the fun of the game. This game does NOT need voice chat.

or when you want to dual people


or when an admin is telling you something but you get banned because don't notice them

I think this is something that is up to the modding community/devs to add tools to make admins more obvious. And even there, you do not need voice chat.

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  • 6 Dec

"Oh you fkin f**t"

"Fight me you n*"

"Do you know da wae?"


This is why we don't have voip

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  • 6 Dec


Your not wrong.But here is the more likely quotes

"Deus Vult into your mom"
" Your sword is longer then your D...k"



"Go Die in a Hole"

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  • 7 Dec

@ Cyrus
That is what toggles and blocking specific people's voice chat is for. People also get kicked for being annoying AF. Any real problems with voice chat to bring up?

I've been saying the same thing since I started playing. The devs may be stuck on the cro magnon man argument outlined by Cyrus above, haven't seen them actually take a position.

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  • 7 Dec

No VC, its not needed. If you want to talk to people, join a discord

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@recurf said:
No VC, its not needed. If you want to talk to people, join a discord

Yeah of course, feel free to join every fucking discord server related to Mordhau, it is so much smarter than implementing a VC.
Like, what are you afraid of, toxicity?!

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Elective participation via discord is ideal. If that is too "hard" for some shortsighted people then frankly they can get over it.

With the high degree of "unique" people within the Mordhau community the experience on larger population servers, such as frontline or invasion, would be a nonstop exercise in selective muting.

Troll muting would become so common it might technically be able to be classified as a mini-game.

What you would constantly hear would be a mixture of blasting sad airhorns along with screamed insults, clacking keyboards, blaring "music", and inexplicable russians who never stop talking.