Game breaking mouse glitch

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  • 1 Dec '19

My mouse in this game does not work. I only have 2 hours and the game is almost unplayable. I Have to hover like 2 inches away from what I want to click. And because of that, I cannot click somethings. I cannot open settings, cant really do anything except play the game. Cant customize anything. Even in the game It doesn't work correctly. I have to click 2 inches away from the camp I want to deploy at. Its too late to get a refund with my 2 hours and all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I love this game but this glitch is game breaking for me!

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  • 1 Dec '19

Is this the same problem as described here? :

Possible solution in the thread from Locke:

@--Locke said:
You can press F11 to toggle fullscreen/window. Does it change anything on the stretchiness?

Otherwise go to

If you dare, you can fiddle with video settings over there trying to find a setting working for you. (different resolution etc.)

Good Luck.

P.S.: Verify your graphics card driver is actually up to date.