Problema with bad ping

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  • 29 Nov '19

Hello friends, from a little before the last three patches, I am having connectivity problems only in frontline, I throw more than +110 ping. I always had a ping between 60/80, I don't know why it's now +110. And what seems strange to me is that in the horde / deathmatch or duel mode my ping is completely normal, it doesn't even exceed 100. I don't understand why this happens, could someone help me? pleaseeeeee

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  • 29 Nov '19

Buy a new router.

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  • 2 Dec '19
 Humble Staff

Hola compa, también sos de Sudamérica supongo.
I can attest that since this last patch ping has gone up for some reason, i used to play with 60-70, but now it's always 100 and upwards. At first i thought it was some ocasional thing with the internet provider but as days go by, i'm starting to think it's on the game's end. It's not the first time it has happened, and usually the problem seemingly goes away by its own, i hope it's the case here.

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  • 2 Dec '19

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