The Catapult Change was a Mistake (After the hotfix) - DEVS

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  • 29 Nov '19

I've noticed that after patch 14 hotfix 2, that the catapults range has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I can't even get a rock over the walls on Grad now. Even up close when I am literally as close as I can get. Let alone over the walls of Feitoria, especially in the third stage when the nobles are hiding in buildings. For example, a few days ago I was able to kill two nobles on the third stage of Feitoria that were hiding by launching the catapult over the walls over the course of 5 minutes or so. Now, forget it, no chance. Same for Grad.

At first i thought it was my positioning and that I was doing something wrong. Then I read the hot fix patch notes...

Yes, I know the range was reduced to prevent catapults hiding behind spawn zones. But this was not how to fix it. Catapults are useless now except as a close up suicide bomb, instead of long range artillery. You're are much more likely to kill teammates now as well. Due to the fact you have a lot less range so you are forced to shoot closer in where teammates are. Not good.

Now your team has nothing against a team of nobles and engineers hiding in a building.

I'm not complaining about the patch as a whole, I like patch 14. However, I think this change was too drastic and has removed a part of the gameplay that is vital in invasion. That is my opinion of the matter. This is just my perspective from someone who uses the catapult on maps when people are hiding in buildings as nobles. Let me know your perspective on the matter.

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  • 29 Nov '19

Yes, PLEASE FIX THIS! Cata is literally useless now. You guys nerfed it WAAAAAAY too much and you need to fix this HORRIBLE mistake. WTF! CANNOT GET A SHOT over the wall in Grad from left side as red. Not even from 10ft away WITH 4 CLICKS! WTF IS THIS!? FIX IT!

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  • 29 Nov '19

Yeah idk what the thought process was behind nerfing the cata cause you can just harass them with arrows or fire pots.