More Detailed Info in Vote Kicks

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  • 29 Nov '19


I think we should include some more Information when vote kicking a player.

So just below team damage %

Team Damage: 62 (7%)
Teammates Killed: 0
Friendly structure damage: 252
Friendly traps disarmed: 3 (only weapon disarm, not walking in by accident / purposely)
Friendly horses killed: 1 (only with mounted player)
Kicks performed vs Teammates: 31 (can be annoying if it's too much, especially at cata and ballista)

Colors could help visualizing the Team kiling stat:
below 100 damage: Always dark green
100+ damage and:

<5% : dark green
5-10% : light green
10-15% : yellow
15-20%: light orange
20-30%: dark orange
above 30%: Red

Although I'm not sure if it makes sense to include the kick, since it's often used to push players out of the way who block on purpose and doesn't deal much damage anyway. Unless you're a builder, you can easily run away from a player who's kicking you and you'll probably be fine. For buidlers however, it's really annoying when random tourists kick you off your own ballista because they want to shoot it.
Friendly structure damage is ignored at the moment, making it hard for builders to vote kick trolls, that just destroy your ballista and laugh at you and keep running. They have no team damage.

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  • 29 Nov '19

We already had multiple ideas of that kind.

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  • 30 Nov '19

and the most important one got implemented...

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  • 2 Dec '19
 Humble Staff

Also make votekicking as easy as going to the score table or chat, right clicking the name of someone and able to start a votekick from there.
¿Is that hard to implement? Chivalry had it and made votekicking miles more accesible and efficient.

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  • 2 Dec '19

You won't be able to block while holding tab then. I'm actually fine with console kick, once you know how it works it's fine.
What about implementing /kick command that gives instructions on how to open console, write PlayerList and votekick ID or even better, automatically opens the player list and writes votekick, all you need to type is the number?

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  • 2 Dec '19

As long as the playerbase is full of idiots and trolls, I actually appreciate the more complicated way of starting votekicks...

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  • 3 Dec '19

the most important one is teamkills ffs, then for sure teamdamage..
its just another half thought out system of the game

if you go out with fists and no friendly perk, you'll end up with a teamdamage of ca. +30% at the end of the round (invasion as example)
i will see you guys ranting, when somebody votes for you 1 min. before the round end
and you didnt made one fucking teamkill once.. (please make a thread here for my enjoyment)
and with this brainblocked community + the half-ass vk-sys u even get kicked for less than 10% sometimes

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  • 18 Dec '19

True, Teamkills should definetely be included. If you dealt a lot of damage but only killed 1, it's more apparent you're not trying to kill people. I also thought of color grading for Team damage and a minimum of damage you'll have to deal before your damage number is displayed in red. Right now if someone joins a server and does 10 damage to a teammate and gets killed, it would be 100% team damage if that guy decided to start a vote. Hypothetically. But these things are gonna happen eventually to a few unfortunate people if all we get to see is the % number.

I think anyone who has tried playing toolbox extensively will have noticed that some teammates like destroying your ballista. There's no way these people are getting kicked at the moment, because they aren't even retaliating after destroying it thus won't have enough team damage. Same shit for people using their weapons to disarm friendly traps, I've only seen it twice happen to my traps but still got angry at the guy, insulted and threw a feint to kick and ran off shouting more insults. I resigned from team killing now but kicks are fine mkay?

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  • 21 Dec '19

I might suggest, a toggle-able team damage % for every player on the score board. (I think Chivalry had this?)
Edit: in combination with the amount of time spent on the map for the current match.

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While this would definetely help, it wouldn't take into account the friendly structures this player destroyed.

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  • 14 Feb

I think the only extra thing needed in votekick is total number of hits on your own team. The team damage percentage is not very useful on its own, given that high level players can teamkill whenever they want, and low levels are punished for accidents, even if they have only hit one or two other players. Hit counter could also just be total damage dealt, so we could see precisely what kind of damage that TD% actually represents.

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actually the only thing it needs is an ACTUAL reason explained in a few words next to the votekick why the player should be votekicked, instead of the current method where nobody knows what is happening and you have to look in chat and decide who is telling the truth, and since most players don't care often times they're gonna click pg up anyway. all other things added would just be too much info to bother to read while playing. In fact it would be best to make a system where only a player that has been team damaged enough times by 1 other player should be prompted to start a votekick which would make the votekick itself self-explanatory. I think chivalry had something like that and it worked pretty well as far as I remember.

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  • 15 Feb

Some information about the "credibility" of the starter would be nice, too. Because right now, >50% of the votes I see are trollvotes.
Besides that: Would be nice if the devs could finally start permabanning those trollaccounts. I just saw one I met when I started to play - still trolling around and ruining matches.