More Detailed Info in Vote Kicks

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I think we should include some more Information when vote kicking a player.

So just below team damage %

Team Damage: 7%
Friendly structure damage: 252
Friendly traps disarmed: 3 (only weapon disarm, not walking in by accident / purposely)
Friendly horses killed: 1 (only with mounted player)
Kicks performed vs Teammates: 31 (can be annoying if it's too much, especially at cata and ballista)

Although I'm not sure if it makes sense to include the kick, since it's often used to push players out of the way who block on purpose and doesn't deal much damage anyway. Unless you're a builder, you can easily run away from a player who's kicking you and you'll probably be fine. For buidlers however, it's really annoying when random tourists kick you off your own ballista because they want to shoot it.
Friendly structure damage is ignored at the moment, making it hard for builders to vote kick trolls, that just destroy your ballista and laugh at you and keep running. They have no team damage. There are possibly new Issues with the trap markers, since there's no point penalty for disarming friendly traps or destroying structures, which I'd like to see changed aswell but that's another topic. Others pointed out, that trolls can still plant bear traps behind you and the markers won't help much, in which case if would be bad for the victim to lose points and I agree 100%. This is why only purposely disarming traps should show up and eventually give some -points.

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  • 29 Nov

We already had multiple ideas of that kind.

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and the most important one got implemented...

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Also make votekicking as easy as going to the score table or chat, right clicking the name of someone and able to start a votekick from there.
¿Is that hard to implement? Chivalry had it and made votekicking miles more accesible and efficient.

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You won't be able to block while holding tab then. I'm actually fine with console kick, once you know how it works it's fine.
What about implementing /kick command that gives instructions on how to open console, write PlayerList and votekick ID or even better, automatically opens the player list and writes votekick, all you need to type is the number?

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  • 2 Dec

As long as the playerbase is full of idiots and trolls, I actually appreciate the more complicated way of starting votekicks...

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the most important one is teamkills ffs, then for sure teamdamage..
its just another half thought out system of the game

if you go out with fists and no friendly perk, you'll end up with a teamdamage of ca. +30% at the end of the round (invasion as example)
i will see you guys ranting, when somebody votes for you 1 min. before the round end
and you didnt made one fucking teamkill once.. (please make a thread here for my enjoyment)
and with this brainblocked community + the half-ass vk-sys u even get kicked for less than 10% sometimes