2 suggestions, add a new unique VIP to Castello, and increase the pooping speed/quantity of horses

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  • 26 Nov '19

A turd throwing build is not viable, as in, not that it's not effective, but as in you almost can't do at all, I'm ok with it not being viable like rock throwing builds, but make it possible, right now you can get 3 turds, but it's just way too slow, horses unrealistically drop 1 turd from time to time and it is extremely slow to make it even playable/fun, only way of making it possible is camping the spawn on crossroads which is still too slow, I've stacked horses next to each other in crossroads and still it takes waaaay too long, or stealing horses so others don't take your turd machine which is scummy and if you don't mount them from time to time they'll die automatically (Not saying to remove this btw, it's a great feature so lost horses will respawn)

Add a new VIP to Castello or any new maps, unique looks, maybe even bigger or smaller? Whatever devs and people decide is good
And make it have a unique weapon type, as of now we've had cutting (Executioner sword town guard) rapier (Nobles) blunt (Commander and Warden) Perhaps the new one should use a big Warbow or an Arbalest? Maybe throwables? Though not a unique damage type for VIP's we've seen before, it is a unique loadout, a shield and 1 handed weapon? Or even fisting only with claw weapons or brass knuckles (Though I don't think the devs would like that, probably goes against the theme of the game)