Love everything about patch 14

Knight 10 8
  • 26 Nov '19

The optimizations, the combat balance trying to make fights look like fights again, the quality of life changes, and more BEARDS. 10/10 keep it up guys, I know game forums are usually just places for people to bitch about things they hate so I figured voicing how happy I am with this patch would be a nice change of pace.

4 7
  • 26 Nov '19

i am still not sure about the parry box changes, but the optimization is really good. nearly doubled my fps on feitoria, and significantly cutting loading times. i appreciate that. also the huntsman change is awesome, now i can go into melee fights better when having a bow equipped.

55 41
  • 26 Nov '19

Yes, that is a very nice patch! thanks!

211 84
  • 26 Nov '19

which drug(s) do you take actually? maybe i should try them, to understand this opinion..

51 19
  • 1
  • 26 Nov '19

Is the parry hitbox the actual 3d space of the weapon or is it something else?

34 22
  • 28 Nov '19

To be honest, new update does make the game less complicated, and duelling is smoother and more new-player friendly, which definitely drives those veterans nuts because they lose lots of advantages

But is it a good decision or not? Can’t really tell, cuz niche games can live because they attract niche players like us and devs are trying to make a this game less niche.... not sure it would end up pushing everyone away or not

6 0
  • 28 Nov '19

Made some problems for me as I had to put the console back and then reinstall the game too but I gotta say, I love the hilarious screams that people now perform when they are falling

Love that blunt weapons now can have crippling effect and I like the change to Billhook too as one of my favorite characters use it

212 175
  • 29 Nov '19

@CarnifeX said:
which drug(s) do you take actually? maybe i should try them, to understand this opinion..

My money’s on LSD. It makes people much more suggestible.