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MORDHAU Build #14 Issues

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  • 26 Nov '19

I played the #14 Mordhau Build and I have encountered some lag problems (yes I'm aware they tried to fix the CPU issues) and it has been affecting my gameplay. During big fights, I would get some brutal lagspikes and I'd often get killed because of them, I also can't turn 180 or 360 degrees without having a 1 second lagspike, sometimes the lagspikes happen at random. I wanted to right this so that the devs are aware of the issues, just in case nobody has written about lag yet. (Also I like where characters scream as they're falling, great addition!)

Knight 1836 2232
  • 26 Nov '19

I don't know if it's tied to that, but there are some known issues regarding performance and a hotfix is on the way.