ladder vs alt weapon mode

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the fact that for some reason I'm not able to use weapon alternative mode while being on ladder is something I can accept easily (even though I can see no reason for that), but

it's a bit annoying that when I leave a ladder my weapon mode is always the primary one. I have to always remember to switch it back to alternative mode. It takes precious time when there are foes waiting for me up there on feitoria walls...

Could we please have that fixed? :)


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  • 19 Nov

And since we're at it, could we please add a proper animation for getting off the ladder. The teleportations that happen now can be quite annoying...

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Also the teleporting to a ladder when you are trying to push it away from a wall but someone starts/is currently climbing needs a fix too. in many cases you can't see what's going on down there and you snap into the ladder and get shot or literally butt raped by some enemy that was climbing up.

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  • 20 Nov

Yupp, that's pretty annoying, too.
Got reported multiple times already, but... yeah.