The meta has evolved

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No more is pretending to be a prisoner waiting for some one to come rescue you a viable strategy. With patch 13 the meta has evolved into something even more skill demanding. Heights believed to be impossible for any human being animal or even machine to reach has been conquered …..gentlemen we are staring into the eyes of god himself with this new level of skill based gameplay...

629760_screenshots_20191111085954_1.jpgI'm of course talking about pretending to be a blacksmith and giving weapons to people

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  • 11 Nov

You must be REALLY bored - both ingame and in RL...

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ive been staring blankly into space my entire life

Knight 662 1012
  • 14 Nov

remember when blacksmithing was possible in the mordhau test level? good days

Sellsword 775 2310
  • 18 Nov

Member when they said you could essentially smith your own weapons?

I member.