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how to get under 80 ping or even lower? I play with ping between 85-100 this is the only game with terrible ping

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  • 5 Nov '19

how to get under 80 ping or even lower? I play with ping between 85-100 this is the only game with terrible ping

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  • 6 Nov '19

make sure your connecting to servers closest to you or buy better internet......seems like a joke but that's the actual solution

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I used to have this problem. All through alpha and until just before patch 13 I had 90-120 ping despite getting great ping in all other games.

Not sure what happened but one day last week or before my ping leveled out to 65-80 and life is so much better. I wish I could give you advice but I'm not sure what changed.

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  • 11 Nov '19

I have the same issue even though I have a good internet connection.
My internet speed

The thing is there is no servers with low ping popping up but only 80+... and its not very fun to play.

The one and only server that makes my ping green and around 68 its VK duel server..

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  • 12 Nov '19

Ping is primarily determined by your distance to the server, not your bandwidth. If you live in a remote area with no mordhau community, it may be the only servers you can find are from other regions with a high ping.

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  • 12 Nov '19

I understand you.
However I never had any ping issues with any game, even though they are small communities.
Do you think its only because of my area? Or mordahu servers or something can be optimized ?

I don't have enough knowledge at this so im curious if its something that might be fixed in the future from server side since I remember mordahu had some network optimization couple of updates ago.

Sellsword 792 2352
  • 14 Nov '19

Upgrade your potato of an internet modem.

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I heard the devs are planning to move out of Steamworks which should reduce the lag issue

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  • 19 Nov '19

Oh finally:D Somebody with some good news.
Well lets hope for the best.

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  • 25 Dec '19

Don't want to create another topic..
Bumping an old one.

So there will be in the future some ping/latency preformance ? It's so bothering that u have around 500 hours and you always play on 80+ ping everytime.. Anything that will make me not lose hope? T_T

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  • 25 Dec '19

Yeah i got indie games with better ping servers over seas than mordhau on same continent sometimes.

I saw another post of a guy from North Michigan having troubles finding good ping servers.

Im thunderbay canada northwesr ontario which is a few a hours north of minnesotam

I have great internet and 120 ping servers for me are usually a different continent. 80 ping is usually far on same continent where 60 ping and less is decently close by for me.

In mordhau there are no frontline servers under 120 ping for me. There are a few death match servers under 80 for me and then like 1 team death match under 80. Somehow middle of day had lots of players on team death match server but it was empty in the evening. Its quite frustrating as the team deathmatch server was first time I had no crashing issues. I don't even care about the slight input delay, the game is quite generous for parry timing, I just want to play the game.