Fix vote kick system

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  • 5 Nov '19

40% is to low, votes get passed to easily on players who don't deserve to lose match earnings.

Either make the vote kick % higher, say 80-90% which is much more reasonable, or make it so people who don't vote count as NO. Then you would only have to increase % to around 60-70%. But, needing only 40% of people who vote to page up is really ridiculous. If you think about it, on a full team of 24 players only 10 need to page up in order for the person to get kicked. This of course, is only for the people who actually vote. I don't know in what world the minority has the power to over rule the majority. When it's put into perspective it's really ridiculous.

I wouldn't hate the Idea of removing vote kick entirely, and just using the auto kick system that's already in play. But, for the time being it wouldn't hurt to make these small changes to improve the quality of life, and avoid people getting troll vote kicked which is a very common occurrence.