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  • 4 Nov '19

This message is dedicated to my fellow duel servers players.
As a loyal mordhau active player, i want to thank all the kniggas that i had dueled since the launch. for their competitive, hardworking mindset, and for their manly combats. i also want to thank the griefers because for me they are like tv publicity, i can't deny the fact that they are annoying as hell and sometimes ruin some good ripost combats, but they come from time to time to give your overclocked sweating brain a little pause to rest and sometimes have a laugh.
I've been playing competitive, steep learning curve games for my entire life such as dota 2, except i was tilted most of the time due to the unforgiving gameplay and match duration investements, but the thing special with mordhau is it's community, it is indeed a small one but also a homogeneous one, creative players full with humour and hilarious toxicity. mordhau is where i compete, tryhard but i'm also having fun loosing my virginity to a level 200.
I'm not ashamed to be proud of you and call you the best community i've been a part of.

PS: i'm not dying of cancer, and this is not my last confession. at least not that i know of.

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