Idea Suggestions - Mountain Peak Yeti (New PvE Element)

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  • 2 Nov '19

A funny idea I thought of mostly as a joke, but will share it here regardless:

The idea is basically a new type of Player Vs. Environment element in the Frontline gamemode, in this case being an enemy Yeti in the Mountain Peak map (or a similar type of hostile enemy in other maps), which when spawned will attack any and all players & structures indiscriminately, and both teams can temporarily unite to battle it.

It would be much like a boss enemy that can either roam around the map attacking anything in its path, or target the nearest player and/or structure, dealing tons of damage and have a high health pool. Whomever is the last player to kill it or deal the most damage to it, will be rewarded a great deal of points (e.g. a 1000 points).

The Yeti would 'voluntarily' spawn on the Mountain Peak map at a new 'Yeti's Cave' somewhere on the mountains, blocked by an ice wall which players from both teams can attack and chip away at the duration of the map, until it breaks, releasing the Yeti unto the battlefield.

This could be a fun and practical idea.

  • 1 - it's a hulking Yeti, nuff said.

  • 2 - It could act as an interesting ceasefire objective for both teams, who can unite to fight a common enemy (and then throttle each other afterwards).

  • 3 - A team could utilize this chaotic force by leading it towards enemy players & structures, to tilt the tide of battle in their favor.

  • 4 - This new type of PvE element could be adapted in a multitude of forms and set on different maps. Another example could be a third army that enters the battle (much like the Horde gamemode npcs that also attacks both teams), say an army of 'Raiders' come to fight both opposing armies amidst the battle, with a new 'optional' objective prompt that says: "Eliminate the army of invading Raiders".

  • 5 - Another way for players to gain points by engaging in these new PvE elements.

Again, it was mainly a joke idea, but if anyone thinks it's a great idea then by all means, discuss away!

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  • 2 Nov '19

That's nonsense of course, but I already thought about the idea of mapevents, too. Either something that tries to turn around horribly one-sided and boring matches, or just random stuff.
Would be one option to kinda "balance" the horrible maps.

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  • 2 Nov '19

Ah indeed! Map Events and the purpose you've described is another great name for it.