Long map load after Windows 10 update 1903

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  • 2 Nov '19

I recently updated my PC to Windows 10 version 1903, which was released 19 may 2019. I honesty was expecting some things to stop working, because it is in Microsoft's custom. Usually it comes to just turning off some services (major Windows updates tend to turn on everything again) like telemetry and other garbage. I spend some time tweaking, but it's worth to have blazing fast PC, not slowed down by anything. And then, after last update (1903) maps in Mordhau started to take very long time to load. Like 15 to 20 seconds, sometimes even half a minute. You'd say "Yeah, that's because you have installed Mordhau on old HDD", but that's not the case here. I have a 500 GB SSD Samsung 960 Evo NVMe which is super fast. I have installed both Windows and Mordhau on it. Before the update, maps tend to load in less than 5 seconds, if the map wasn't changed after the match, even faster. There were even situations when after map change I was honestly the first player on the map (I was checking it on tab). Other PC specifications doesn't really matter because the game itself runs smoothly. I have no other issues.

I didn't format my drive for some time, so I figured that's the additional reason to do it. Maybe it will help - that's what I thought. And now I'm writing this on a PC with freshly formatted SSD drive and just installed Windows. The formatting sadly didn't help. Obviously I have installed current drives for motherboard, drive, graphic card etc. I don't know what more can be done.

My friends with regular SATA 3 SSD drives now load to the game faster than me, which is ridiculous.

Any tips on what could be the problem? Maybe I'm not the only one experiencing this.

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  • 3 Nov '19

I'm operating on Windows 10 Pro N, so it comes without the media stuff. To have it, I remember I did manually install it sometime ago, because of some programs were requiring it to work properly. For example nVidia's GeForce Experience software which comes with an in-game overlay. It too requires Media Pack installed in order to work and now I noticed that the overlay was disabled. It was saying that's because the Media Pack is missing. Most probably update 1903 did in fact uninstall or disable it. So I installed it again, restarted computer and guess what? Everything works now! Maps load in 2 seconds, I swear to god. How is this related to a SSD NVMe drive is just beyond me, but I'm happy I finally got it working.

Oh, and the important thing. I didn't install the update by downloading the installer from Microsoft page as you would think it should be done. Instead, I did it via Windows 10 Settings app, as described here (follow instructions under "how to get this update section"). Somehow installing it via regular installer didn't work for me.