Halloween Event

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  • 1 Nov '19

So it's Halloween right, and I've been seeing a lot of other developers pull off these themed events in their games and thought, what if Mordhau did this? Obviously it's a bit late now but I thought I'd share a few ideas for next year. I've took into consideration with how small the team at Triternion is, so I'm not talking about massive time consuming implementations here. I think it's all fairly achievable. So here goes.

Idea 1.
Simple map tweaks.
This would be changing the time of day to night, adding thick fog, moonlight and extra fires. Adding ambient sounds like crows, and wolves howling.
This is a pretty straight forward theme I'm going for here. Purely atmospheric. Think it would be quite cool. Maybe swap normal arrows for fire arrows as well.

Idea 2.
Horde Mode weak.
Same map tweaks as 'Idea 1', only endless waves of undead peasants. (That means you won't be attacked by ranged enemies) The devs could go further here and actually make them look undead but just normal peasants would work. Survive as long as you can.

Idea 3.
New Hunt mode.
So not sure on balancing here as this is something that would need tested but to start off I'd suggest maybe 16 players? 1 player is randomly selected as the Warden, but instead of his mace it's a buffed Scythe, and he's also given a horse. The other 15 players are peasants. 1 life per player. Peasants need to hide for the length of the round or team up to fight the hunter (which will be harder). Hunter needs to kill everyone before time runs out.

As for the likes of event rewards I was keeping it simple. Like a Halloween inspired player nameplate or emblem for your armour. Awarded for simply playing the game during the event. Was thinking cool cosmetic stuff like skull helmets but felt that it should still be kept authentic to the time period. Devs can make those decisions.

Anyway, this is what I was thinking about at 3am last night lol

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  • 1 Nov '19

We will be lucky to get our second fucking map by next year you absolute nublet.

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  • 1 Nov '19

nice ideas.

the peasant could just be covered with blood, like they were wounded, in order to make them look more zombie like - that graphic effect is already there.

as for the night mode, that would still be lot of work. some of the current maps still have some issues, like at some spots it's a bit hard to recognize player color in frontline mode.

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  • 2 Nov '19

I just wanted the thing we had in alpha

Unrestricted face slider options so we can have giant goblin heads

That was hilarious

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  • 2 Nov '19

We already had multiple threads about this.
More than obvious conclusion: There isn't time for that kind of thing.