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Feitoria takes so long to load I just lose connection everytime I try

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  • 1
  • 28 Oct '19

First I wanna start by saying that this map looks amazing. I managed to play in it for a couple of minutes on an invasion match, but after that ended everyone voted for frontline on the same map and it took my PC so long to load that I got connection lost. It took me about 5 tries to finally connect to it again. Used to be this only happened once every time I opened the game, but I guess this map is a little heavier than others, too much to load nicely without SSD

15 72
  • 1 Nov '19

Loading times in this game are absurb in general. Just booting the game up takes at least 10x longer than any other game I own. I guess I should just give in and buy a SSD but it shouldn't be a requirement.

Sellsword 792 2352
  • 8 Nov '19

Laughs in SSD