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Patch #13 Released (Feitoria)

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  • 28 Oct '19

@oHearty said:
If you check forum branch for patch 12, 50% of ppl were like - to hell with this game, i hate devs, I'm leaving, they lost it.

Pretty sure most of them are playing the patchy, like nothing happened.
And getting back to complaining in two weeks.

Would you prefer people that don't play the patch and complain now?

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  • 28 Oct '19

First feedback about Feitoria (both Frontline and Invasion):
Really nice looking map, but maybe a bit too clustered/complex. Too many tiny spaces with lots of pathes while there aren't any wider, assessable and clear spaces that allow a bit more tactical approach. (I don't say that only because I play mostly archer due to my potato internet...).
About the balancing - well, still not entirely sure. But the Frontline mode seems to be extremely biased in favor of blue (after all, red has to climb up to the second flag all that way) and the Invasion gamemode... well. Attackers still always win that, except blue uses the lowest and most boring tactics available.

Some random things:

  • Sometimes when just watching after death, I only see the symbol of one single flag on the screen. The one that the teams fight for. Is that always the case? Not sure right now...
  • That siege tower part is fun, but I've seen some really weird things happening while it moves. The stab of a mate hitting another mate, even though he stood right next to him. Something like that. Lag, I guess...
  • Throwable rocks: Rather buggy when you want to throw them a little left or right through the battlements. They get eaten by the wall's hitbox. Maybe the rock's hitbox should be very small for the first meter and then switch to the actual size? Also, you can't throw them straight down the wall. Aaaand they fall down like feathers.
    Nice gimmic and I even managed to kill someone with it, but pretty much completely useless right now. Similar to the fellable trees on Taiga - nice idea, but execution... not so much.
  • If you hit the battlements/walls with your weapon (noticed it while using my fists), they make a metal sound.
  • If you climb on some of the sloped battlements, you fall down right away. On some roofs, you also fall down. On other you don't fall.
  • That mortar. Yeah. Catapult and mortar still need a redesign in general, because that instakill AoE spam is nonsense, but the mortar on that map is really annoying and badly placed. It can't see any of the spots it can shoot at and when you have to defend the civilians in Invasion, you have no chance to fight it back and it - once again - can hit near the spawn area of the blue team. Bonuspoints for being in the crossfire of the enemy mortar and the friendly catapult a lot of times, especially when fighting for the highest flag. Lots of teamkills from both mortar and catapult. VERY annoying.
  • Defending the last surviving civilian is the same clusterhugging experience as it was with the king on Grad.
  • That map shows once again that the game needs a better interface with some few simple directional markers. It can get pretty confusing...
  • If I got that right, that one spawnpoint of blue (when defending the three special players in the Invasion mode) seems to be quite an issue when those players decide to camp. The defenders will be right in the action with red having little chances to keep the pressure. Red still wins, but... anyway.

Conclusion after three more completely boring and onesided matches:
Ugh... well. I really don't want to be the partypooper again, but even though the map looks nice and all - I don't like it. Too much chaos, too much imbalance.
Like I said earlier, a new map won't fix the other problems of the game, but those problems will have an influence on that poor new map. And if that map already isn't that good...

A general comment on mapdesign, because that seems to be a common thing now: Do the maps somehow get tested? I mean... the overall idea of a map? I'm not entirely sure with the details, but the direction of my conclusion about imbalances and stuff seems to be right. And I got that after just a single match.
And something that already annoyed me on Grad: If there is a huge and awesome castle... why do you turn it into a swiss cheese with 3765 different and mostly very simple entrances instead of just a few ones that the teams will battle for? On Grad there is a door with a mechanic, there is a drawbridge-like thingy in the underground... why not turn gimmics like that in actual important features and parts of the map? I still don't get that...

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  • 28 Oct '19


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Great new Map. Please make more Maps like this. What i like to see are more weapons like the polehammer and one or two new perks. Animations arent Readabie Thou

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  • 28 Oct '19

It's a beatiful, climatic, very well made map with gameplay that is either boring or unfun, depending on the side or map area you are on.

AoE mortar able to bomb right into the middle objective is just classic Triternion.

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  • 28 Oct '19

@Shitscrubber64 said:
Feels like something you ought to communicate to the players instead of letting them figure it out on their own in the most frustrating and confusing manner possible.

Welcome to Mordhau

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Knight 5410 7408
  • 28 Oct '19
 Humble Staff

@Pred said:
It's a beatiful, climatic, very well made map with gameplay that is either boring or unfun, depending on the side or map area you are on.

AoE mortar able to bomb right into the middle objective is just classic Triternion.

This to be honest, it's so beautifull, for a moment i felt like in the old times in chiv. But also so one sided (for red in invasion and for blue in frontline) it will get boring
very fast.

Baron 15 11
  • 28 Oct '19


Emperor 400 927
  • 28 Oct '19

The best map so far.

It's the kind of map I think everyone expected to play in a 'main game mode' on Mordhau on release.

It feels great.

Can't really comment on balance in regards to what team has the advantage, but the map is awesome. Played it last night and just had a really good vibe, fights were going on all over the place, people flanking around all the different access routes etc.

Only thing it could really use is some more sound effects, make it more atmospheric instead of just the normal parry/hit sound effects and all the foppish laughs.

A+ good job

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Feitoris is beautiful. Very scenic...

BUT it lacks focus in Frontline. Sometimes getting lost headed to the objectives and I often get gang raped in corridors from both sides of a previously empty room/hallway or balcony, etc. Love the idea of the map, multiple routes and things to parkour... but even at 48 players sometimes you can get to the objective with 0 resistance... or find yourself in the one passage way the entire enemy team decided to take.

Map just needs less routes and more focal points for conflict.

Invasion mode plays great but somehow I expected more objectives. Maybe it needs a hella lot more villager NPC things in the final objective? Or one more objective after? Mortar can be mildly annoying in both modes.

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  • 29 Oct '19


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  • 29 Oct '19

i am pretty glad that the map i finally here and i like it. i get lost sometimes, but after a while i will know the pathways, so that is not a problem. i am having fun.

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  • 29 Oct '19

@Soulcatcher said:
The best map so far. [...] A+ good job
Can't really comment on balance

That's quite the contradiction. How can you judge the map that highly already when you can't comment on one of the most important (THE most important?) parts yet?

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  • 29 Oct '19
 The Bird

The Bird has flown on both teams in Feitoria. The Bird has seen victory on both teams. The Bird declares this map to be balanced.




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  • 29 Oct '19

@The Bird said:
The Bird declares this map to be balanced.

The bird should stop pekking that hard, because the bird is horribly wrong. Once again.

Played a few more matches after having some delicious lunch and came to the conclusion that the devs should take out Frontline for that map. In case of Frontline, this is by far the worst and most unbalanced map we currently have. No idea why they just copied the Invasion "siege" for that mode instead of having Frontline take place just inside the walls...
Invasion is kinda ok'ish. It just suffers from the general problems of the Invasion mode. The hype will die off soon...

The "gimmics" (stones, pots of stones) are completely useless. The new ladders are a nice feature, but they should change the way to get them down again, because you often end up jumping onto the ladder rather than getting it down. Give them some health and let them collapse when "dead" of let them go down by kicking them.

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  • 29 Oct '19

Found on Reddit. Score with mortar:


It's literally the alpha cata 2.0, these devs just refuse to learn from mistakes.

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  • 29 Oct '19

A few minutes before you made that post, a hotfix went up that temporarily removes the mortar until a better placement can be figured out.

Duke 507 1200

Just change the boundaries imo, of where it can shoot, There's a sweet spot where they just spam the mortar on the wooden crossing left of the siege tower as well as just blast near the doorway where the nobles spawn, getting insane kills, almost always killing friendlies as well.

Knight 941 2569
  • 29 Oct '19

@LuxCandidus said:
A few minutes before you made that post, a hotfix went up that temporarily removes the mortar until a better placement can be figured out.

Well, that's progress then, because the classic way to handle it would be:

  • Leave it like that for 2 months
  • Make a minor nerf
  • "At least it's not as cancer as before"
  • Game balanced