So, do I quit?

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  • 27 Oct '19

I got this game a few days ago and I've clocked in around 34 hours. Besides learning to parry, feint, morph I haven't been able to hold my own. Obviously I refuse to play frontline because it's complete trash so I've resulted to dueling mostly but then again I just can't seem to get better. And again I refuse to just using an arming sword or rapier and mouse wheel up spamming because its suck a douchey move. If I still suck after 25+ hours of dueling and just practicing and dying many many times, should I just call it in and uninstall. I know this game is not meant to be easy but I still panic and get raped by people usingtraining swords while I'm in 3/3/3 wielding a long sword.

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  • 27 Oct '19

plz dont :[

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  • 27 Oct '19

You probably need 100 hours to master the basics.

If you can be bothered to put in that much time you will find it gets very repetitive due to very limited content.

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  • 27 Oct '19

You expect to be good after just a few days? Your opponents have likely been playing for months already.

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  • 27 Oct '19

I don't know, are you a quitter?

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  • 27 Oct '19

mordhau is a very high skill game yes and it will take hundreds of hours to gain any semblance of competents I didn't feel "in control" in chivalry until the 150hr mark and wanting to be better at the game is a respectable goal...

however the game can be one massive meme don't worry about being the best or even good some times its better to just say fuck it and run around as a caveman with shields only

as for cheese tactics "stab spam" just do it at the end of the day a wins a win the only people getting upset about "cheese" are people that don't know how to counter it them selves caring about "honor" wins you nothing
besides some times doing something your self is the easiest way to figure out how to counter that same thing

tl:zr just do what you find fun and if you still want to focus on being MLG pro Korean just take a break from the game and come back fresh

but never quit

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  • 28 Oct '19

@Canlex_Gaming said:
I got this game a few days ago [...] should I just call it in and uninstall.

I really hope that your attitude in real-life isn't like that.
Seriously... this is a game that has a little bit of skill involved, and you really need to ask if you should throw it after playing it for a few hours?
Just think about it for a few seconds...

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  • 28 Oct '19

Dude, never even attempt to play StarCraft. You're obviously more of a Fortnite/League of Legends kind of guy.

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  • 28 Oct '19

This game has a very steep learning curve, so don't feel discouraged. The reason you get whooped with a training sword is because you don't know how to recover. It's happened to me too (and I think it can happen today as well tbqh) and it is humiliating.

So don't feel bad, of course you won't be as good as someone who's been with the game since launch - or even alpha. There's a lot to learn.

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  • 28 Oct '19
 Biggus Dickus

34 hours isn't much. Don't worry about getting destroyed. I have 400 hours and I still get owned sometimes.

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  • 28 Oct '19

You'll always have a bigger fish. Try to find a mentor

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  • 28 Oct '19

Most of the better players have been playing since kickstarter alpha, so...

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  • 29 Oct '19

That’s easy OP, bring in your friends who never played mordhau before, so you can destroy them with no hassles, so you become the great player without any grinding. HAPPY DAYS
and Yes this is a cult

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  • 29 Oct '19

The feint spam is annoying. Do it as I did and take the kite shield + morning star + second wind combo. Stab spam, an occasional overhead morph and you can enjoy the feint spammers complaints.

You can even bait them into kicks. Step backwards and stab.

If you face cancer counter with more cancer.

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  • 29 Oct '19

I’m no pro myself but with 80 hours in I feel like I’ve got a good experience of early game struggles. Trust me, if you spend some time in duels at around 60 hours things will click and you’ll get a grasp of the basics and be able to hold your own pretty well! I used to be like you, but after my time spent in 90% duels all of a sudden my skills almost doubled. One day I was getting absolutely destroyed with no main weapon and the next I find my dream weapon and all of a sudden get an idea of how to do basic drags. After around 60 hours spent in duels if you decide to hop into frontlines and give it a try you’ll find yourself absolutely destroying people twice your level and it’ll make you feel really proud - just try and stay away from the clusterfuck people call an objective and look for the smaller battles and frontlines can be quite fun!

The problem with this game isn’t that you’re bad, its just that everybody else you face is so good - particularily
in duels the most tryhard and sweaty mode of them all. If you have the commitment and don’t mind the quite infrequent content updates just keep trying and soon you’ll get better, this game just has a much higher skill cap than most.

Don’t give up!

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  • 30 Oct '19

I have 200 hours and I'm still trash.

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  • 1 Nov '19

I think one of the things that confuses newbies with these games is the history behind Chivalry and Mordhau, and how it makes the ranks misleading. I remember back in Chivalry people used to get frustrated when they couldn't kill me, say a rank 20 or 30, whereas I was in the mid 50s. I would explain to them that the ranks are exponential, so while it looked like they weren't that far from my own rank their actual playtime might be 1/10th or less.

In the case of Mordhau (release) newbies have a similar misconception with ranks, because even though the rank system is fairly linear now and everyone started back at rank 1, the actual experience & skill players have is often totally disconnected from that rank. For instance, I never got to play Mordhau alpha, but I still quickly excelled in a majority of matches after a few days in Mordhau, that's because I had nearly 2k hours in Chivalry. I know other people who both played Chivalry more than I did, and played the Mordhau alpha, and have 4+ thousand hours all up playing this stuff. And they are very good. Yet their Mordhau rank in a couple cases is actually lower than mine (and mine is only in the 90s, high but nowhere near some people).

I've been playing these slasher games since the release of Chivalry, back in late 2012 I believe, long enough that I got to see the newbie stages of a lot of players that are nowadays some of the best players in Mordhau (in AU). It's actually quite strange to see people you once thought of as average or even bad, suddenly be extremely good after you come back from a long break. The only consistent reason for it that I can see is play time, as well as focus. People who focus on playing well, doing competitive stuff, skirmishes, etc. get a lot better, others spend hundreds of hours trolling and make little progress.