Stab drags could use some adjustment

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  • 9 Oct '19

Stab drags are pretty obviously ridiculous with most weapons in this game. While some look kind of plausible, most just look ridiculous like the one in the clip where the player releases their stab and turns a full 45 degrees to hit me with it. The clip above shows some of the most egregious stab dragging, both because the spear is a weapon that makes no sense to be able to stab drag with because you're slowly bumping someone with a long wooden pole once the tip is past them, and because its length gives it some of the greatest speed at the tip during a stab drag of any weapon. The spear has a horizontal speed at its tip of 1.37x that of the longsword.
(Weapon A length X Weapon B turncap)/(Weapon B Length X Weapon B turncap)

The fixes for this are simple though. Reducing the release phase for stabs, or the turn cap, or both, will dramatically reduce how much stabs can be dragged. This would also reduce the complaints among newbies of stabs being overpowered / too easy to use, because now you need to be more accurate with your stabs - you either don't have the ability to move it around as much, or don't have the time to move it around as much. I think this will generally improve the play experience for the vast majority of players.

To balance these changes, other stab statistics can be adjusted. Miss cost, feint cost, morph cost, and stamina drain are all simple easy options to adjust, as well as the recovery, windup, and combo durations. Noteworthy that reducing the release phase of the stab isn't entirely a nerf as well, as it reduces the time before you can enter recovery or combo and be able to defend yourself or attack again.