Adding Static Poses To The Emote Menu

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  • 8 Oct '19

I think it would add to the immersion and overall feel of the game if players would have an option to stand in an "idle", or "on guard" positions, which the game already has as we can see on the main screen with the character standing differently with different weapons. Sure, this is not a necessity and developers shouldn't be working on this right now, as it would require some time and effort, but just like with different voice lines and other emotes - this is what will make this game feel more alive. As at the moment, the only real option of idling that we have, is to squat, or put a weapon away by pressing 0 (zero). It would allow people in duel servers to watch others fight and telegraph to others exactly what they are doing. Or to display confidence to friends and foe alike while waiting for the latter in the choke point in the game of invasion.
In summary: I think it would be a nice way to enrich and expand this game without too much of an effort.

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  • 9 Oct '19

Keep that idea in mind until the game is fixed and reworked enough so that the devs can waste time with minor things like that.

Besides that, I have no idea how someone can talk about something like "immersion" in a game like this one...

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  • 10 Oct '19

I talk about immersion because there are moments when the real world suddenly fades, and consciousness shifts into the game. Those rare moments feel great, and inability to do certain actions make me snap out of it, breaking this fleeting moment.
Some people like this game for the memes, which is fine by me, and even if it's not "immersive" to run around as a tomato-looking arsonist yeeting firebombs around the place, it's still fun, and in the end of the day we all get our share of fun this game provides us, it's just that I get it from getting immersed.