Lost my inventory

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  • 7 Oct '19

Today I run the game. I lost 90% of my inventory, weapons, skins. I am very afficted about that, but still play. I buy Maul (that I already have) and play. When I launch game at 2nd time my items returned but I lost money for Maul! It always 500 gold but a heve still a little unpleasnt about this.

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  • 8 Oct '19


I have logged back in after 4 months of being away, I don't have items I bought before.
I got a skin for Longbow but don't own Longbow now ?

Looking for a solution tbh

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  • 8 Oct '19

It happened to me too. For some reasons, I still have some items, but most of what I had unlocked is gone. Ok it's just cosmetics but the fact that it took so long to buy what I wanted frustrates me.

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  • 12 Nov '19

I've had the same problem... Has any dev responded to this?