Grad Invasion: Commander Kills Decrease Timer

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  • 7 Oct '19

When the Commander on Grad gets a kill, the timer should decrease. That way if a game is a stomp, it will end faster. Both mega cocaine and big pussy styles of play for the Commander are rewarded. However, it would have to be separately balanced for competitive and for pubs.

When the game is so one sided that the defending team prevents the attackers from reaching the Commander, it is not fun for anyone. The Commander should be encouraged to fight. That way even if the game is one sided, the attackers can throw their bodies against the Commander which is more fun than just throwing their bodies against his boring team.

Another option of encouraging the Commander to fight is by somehow tying health regen to fighting. My concern is that this could turn an elite 6 Commander into a Skyrim anime protagonist. That kind of power disparity should not be in the game.

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  • 7 Oct '19

the commander is capable of swating aside people left and right with ease that would only turn a maybe close game into a short 2 minute match besides the commander needs to hide for fear of the catapult