VAC without Reason

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  • 5 Oct '19

I´m just want to play... i connect to Horde Mode and i have been kicked with this message: "Host close connection"... I sad: "Ok, lets try again..." and it try again... I connect to another party and 5 seconds after i have FPS Lag and Ping Lag, it kicked me again... I try it again and after connect the game disconnect me from the server with this message: "VAC check timed out"

I cant understand what i can do... If this helps, my Steam ID is:
Thank you

Knight 627 2068
  • 6 Oct '19

Some players have been experiencing this issue. Here are some things that might fix it for you until it is officially dealt with:



For those of you who get the "VAC check timed out". Please consider trying out the new steam beta. Go to steam settings, and under the beta, choose to opt in. The new beta addresses some vac issues.

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  • 7 Oct '19

I keep cannot remove the "VAC"... I still connecting to MORDHAU and still happening the same VAC error