Shield Balance X: Reloaded: The Final Solution Part 2, Section 1: Revenge of Kickstun

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People see the shield and spam kick even if they're out of range. They kickstun a shield (from 8 feet away) that was trying to block flanking halberd stabs. Shield man die. Was he supposed to put away his shield when he saw he was fighting multiple longer weapons? EVERYONE in Frontline is using a longer weapon... and often has a friend or two. Oh and the massive turncap on shields? Even without the kicks it's hard to block a drag even if you read it from the get go.

Another thing... Messer gorrilla man sees a shield user and knows just what to do. He starts a stab, morphs to kick... but shield man is smart and goes to chamber. But Gorilla man's kick hit's first and now shield user is now down on stamina and down 15 health. :O Git gud shield user. A gambled, half hearted morph to kick by a third person-looking down, messer ape will usually beat one handed chamber attempt.

Maybe shield user should just pull out his own messer. Messer/shield is ultimate cancer. Or maybe cleaver/blooslust and shield is? Idk there's too much cancer to keep track of. Maybe one handed messer without shield is what's most cancerous... since he didn't spend points to be magically weak to kicks, still gets to rape animations then runs away without shield speed nerf.

IM SO GLAD people don't try to the morph to kick option when I'm using a two hander.

Give us Patch 14/15 heater/kite shields already. The shield users can then complain about having to git gud instead of being magically weak to people's feet. And those messer apes will have to git gud instead of spamming morph-to-kicks every time they see a shield. Blocking leg hits made sense at the very least and was intuitive for everyone.



Please just give us back Alpha patch 14/15 shields ;-;

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  • 4 Oct '19

imagine if you could parry with the weapon in ur hand instead of blocking with ur shield

so that u can choose between a parry and an active block

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  • 4 Oct '19

You can block their kick, with a kick

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Ah yes you can totally block a kick with a kick in a 1vX situation!

Kick is already too powerful against a one handed weapon, especially in a 1vX scenario... Shield exacerbates this weakness... Invisible kick tracers against shield exacerbates this weakness further.

Why use armor and one hander and a shield when you can grab full armor and a two hander without being fucked by everyone else's 2 handed damage, 2 handed stamina buff and magical weakness to feet? Parrying arrows is easier than shield blocking them ayways.

Why go light armor with one hander when you can go light armor and zwei and fuck up everyone? Why grab a shield with light armor when it magically puts you at the same walk speed as full armor... with only limited one hander range.

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  • 7 Oct '19

As days go by, the more I wonder what was the idea with stunkick.

I mean, look at fist fights. Those are pretty much two shield users fighting without the stun kicks existing. I don't see a lot of these fights ending up in a stamina war.

If holding block is so strong, why does it only cost 2/3 points ?
"But they got big weaknesses to compensate their lower cost"
So if they have weaknesses, what's the point in taking them ?

Before, when I was running two handed, I liked to grab a shield on the ground to protect my back. But since simply WEARING a shield reduce us to 3/3/3 speed (if not less), I don't anymore. And the only upside I had was not getting shot by my teammates in the back or run away with some chance to survive.

Just, increase the cost of held shields and remove stuff like kick stun and speed reduction. There's not even a point grabbing a shield in BR (for the ones that play it)